Muiri ( men’s rites)
Ngoyi (female rites)
Edicka 2 (le ngondey)
Moumeney (le ngondey)
Mudaki ( le mangonga)
Sombi (le ngondey)
Mougnimbi (le ngondey)
na kombo (le ngondey)
Kombi na missingui ( le mangonga)
Nzegho (Black Panther)

Becoming a Nganga in Bwiti involves extensive training and integrating with Spirit. I have been fortunate enough to have been allowed to participate in and achieve certain initiations and to host Spirit within.

The ego would tell you that you are the healer. The reality, however, is that Spirit is the healer, the Shaman, while the Nganga is simply the host. The Nganga serves Spirit.

Our job as Ngangas is to ensure the safety of our guests. We learn to step out of the way of Spirit so that it can heal the individual. We are servants of God; we do as we are told and create sacred space for guests so that they can heal and connect with Spirit.

Spirit saved my life; I will always be grateful and honoured to work alongside It. It has been an absolute privilege to witness and aid Spirit in these ceremonies, and to watch people change their lives.

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