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About the Bwiti Tradition

Iboga Plant Root Healing

The real tradition of Bwiti speaks to understanding and knowing life – in a very simple way.  In this tradition, there are no places to hide within one’s self as life is meant to be simple. The realities and truths of our lives are revealed, and meant to be dealt with daily, in order to heal.  This is the true path to a healthy mind, body and soul. The Bwiti Tradition uses the Iboga plant root for this healing.

The Bwiti Tradition is about connecting one’s soul within the spiritual world, and aligning with the truth. The healing process associated with understanding, connecting and realization of inner-self, has become lost within the Western world. Iboga is the tool for us all to return home to our selves.

Bwiti Tradition has always been an oral tradition, within Central West Africa, and now this tradition is available to anyone who reaches out. The soul purpose of Iboga is so we may finally connect to our souls and start the process of learning to be.

Our vision, at Bwiti Canada, is to bring the true Bwiti Tradition to Western culture, by introducing philosophy, Bwiti ceremonies and a knowledge of one’s self.  Bwiti simply means “The School of Life.”

Our teachings tells us that our jobs are simply to serve. There are no gurus, no great healers. Iboga is the healer and we simply facilitate the care and the platform on which Iboga may do its work. To simply connect you to your soul. 

Our goal here at Bwiti Canada is to provide the platform and care so you may heal from within. My name is Luis Makonza Da Silva and I am here to help Iboga serve you.

Please read my personal story of transformation here.

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