The Iboga Experience ~ Healing Retreats in Canada2023-02-02T17:40:54-05:00

Experience an Iboga Healing Ceremony


Meet the Spirit of Iboga

Most people starting out in researching Iboga and its healing properties are generally faced with a large amount of misinformation, especially within the online Iboga community.

We have a tendency as human beings to get in our own way. We often forfeit our right to true spiritual connection. Spirituality lies within you; it is not some foreign concept that exists outside of the individual.

The greatest obstacle preventing us from this connection is the mind (the “Ego”). Our minds are our greatest enemies. The ego wants to prevent you from having soul connection in order to maintain control. All mental illness and addictions are led by the mind. The Spirit of Iboga has the ability to shut down the mind and empower the individual to achieve true soul connection.

Bwiti means God. Our goal through Bwiti is to achieve our rightful connection to God. Iboga is a full Spirit whose only purpose is to connect you to your soul. In other words, when administered in the proper way, Iboga has the capacity to heal you from your own self.

During your stay with us you will have your ego tested and ample time to sit with your thoughts. This is the path of healing.

We are made in the image of the Creator; therefore, we have the ability to create. How we create is through thought. Every action starts with a thought.

Our minds are extremely powerful. We must be very aware of which thoughts we create, and which ones we keep. These thoughts shape us and systematically design our lives. In other words, we are the creators of our own lives. We must choose wisely.

Bwiti Canada facilitates opiate, drug and alcohol detox