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Iboga Experience & Wellness Retreat

A 6 Day Journey into the Bwiti Healing Tradition

Bwiti Canada offers a 3 day Iboga Power Retreat and a 6 day Iboga experience and healing retreat, focused on the journey of understanding your core issues.  Our Iboga Experience and Healing Retreat provides accelerated self-knowledge in the Bwiti Tradition.  You’ll gain greater self awareness and understanding and through the iboga experience – the emotional healing process begins.

During this intense, spiritual iboga ceremony of healing and cleansing, you’ll begin to realize that there is truly a “light at the end of the tunnel”. Most importantly, your journey will allow you to move away from habitual negative thoughts, pain and suffering. Because of this, our iboga retreat participants have reported improved self-confidence and increased self-esteem, upon completion. It’s said to be self-revealing, yet wonderfully nurturing.

Each iboga ceremony and session includes a full body detoxification,  guided psycho-spiritual journey into your own thoughts and feelings, a cleansing spiritual bath, food, comfortable lodging in a natural wilderness setting, and transportation to and from either the Pearson International Airport in Toronto, or Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport in Montreal, Canada.

Retreats are currently available in May, June and July 2019 and held in the beautiful Ontario or Quebec wilderness. Come enjoy nature and meet your soul in a nurturing environment, in comfortable lodgings, while transforming yourself. There’s no better place to be to relax, unwind and let the process unfold.

Retreats are facilitated by Luis “Makonza” Da Silva, who has been initiated into the Bwiti tradition. For more information, please get in touch!

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