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Iboga Experience & Wellness Retreat

A 6 Day Journey into the Bwiti Healing Tradition

Bwiti Canada offers a 6 day retreat that is recommended to all our guests. Retreat price is $2500.00 CAD plus applicable taxes.

Retreat Includes:

  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • All meals 
  • 2 Iboga healing experiences: firstly, a Detox and secondly a Psycho spiritual journey 
  • Counselling/talk therapy
  • Safe and clean environment
  • Maximum 6 guests per retreat

Follow up retreat: $1000.00 cad plus taxes.

After completing a 6 day Iboga healing experience, guests are welcome to return for a 3 day follow up retreat to reconnect.

Other important information:

  • It is recommended that all our guests refrain from eating past 4 pm the day of the Iboga ceremony as it will affect the way Iboga is absorbed. 
  • Although it has become the norm for a lot of people to enjoy marijuana, it is critical that you refrain from any substance use for at least one week before the Iboga ceremony. 
  • All guests are required to fill out a medical questionnaire

Retreats are facilitated by Luis Makonza Da Silva, who has been initiated into the Bwiti tradition. For more information, please get in touch.

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