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About My Iboga Healing Experience

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Everyone who comes to Iboga has a story. Everyone who even researches having an Iboga healing experience, is in search of a better way of living, a solution to their suffering.

This is my story.

My name is Luis Makonza Da Silva (Makonza is my Bwiti name given to me by the Missoko Bwiti). I’m the son of an alcoholic father, and a mother who suffered from depression, most of her adult life. My upbringing was not typical, to say the least. Violence and drama were the staple in our household. My parents were immigrants just trying to survive in a country that was foreign to them.

As I grew into an adult, I tried anything and everything, just to feel alive. That included drugs and alcohol. I was a workaholic and an adrenaline junkie.

I got married to a woman whom I knew nothing about, I got caught up in the moment. We had two wonderful kids. And as time went on, the job and my extra activities became my fuel. My life was coming to a head real fast.

Then I had a home invasion. I was hog-tied and had a gun put in my mouth.

This was the last nail in my coffin. Within one year, I was diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and major depression. That started an eight year relationship of pharmaceutical drugs. Pills to live. Pills to sleep. And even pills to have sex. These were my Elvis days.

I landed in a mental health facility, that put me even further over the edge. This became my Brian Wilson period. Living in a bathrobe for a couple years, now divorced, and my children watching their Dad fall apart.